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Items on Hand:
- Please contact if interested in buying an item on hand

Capital Battalion Challenge Coin: $10.00

- (Front) An eagle with the USN and USMC insignia (Back) The Capital Battalion logo with each school's abbreviation 2"x1.5"

Capital Battalion Patch: $8.00

-Embroidered patch. 3 1/2" diameter

Capital Battalion Sticker Large (pictured left): $2.00

-2 1/2" diameter

Capital Battalion Sticker Small (pictured right): $1.50

-2" diameter

Capita Battalion Notebook: $5.00


Challenge coin (front).jfif
Challenge coin (back).jfif
Limited Time Merchandise:
- The items below are available until November 24th. Click here to order.
Crewneck (front).png
Crewneck (back).png
Plain PT shirt.png
PT shirt (front).png
PT shirt (back).png
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