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—The relation between officers and enlisted men should in no sense be that of superior and inferior nor that of master and servant, but rather that of teacher and scholar. In fact, it should partake of the nature of the relation between father and son, to the extent that officers, especially commanding officers, are responsible for the physical, mental, and moral welfare, as well as the discipline and military training of the young men under their command who are serving the nation in the Marine Corps.


Lieutenant General John A. Lejeune, 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps

Mentor's Responsibilities

Mentee's Responsibilities

Warfare Clubs

The Capital Battalion has five Warfare Clubs that reflect their respective communities of interest. Scroll below for more information. Our battalions also offers other clubs like the Diversity Club and Run Club!


Special Warfare Club

Mission: To hone Capital Battalion midshipmen into warrior scholars prepared for Naval Special Warfare, Naval Special Operations, and Marine Corps Special Operations. This is successfully achieved through mental development, moral development, and physical development

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